No Season for međŸ„ș

Unfortunately, this season didn’t go as planned for me. I have had a lot of back pain for 3 years now. I’ve always tried to get my back pain under control during the summer, but nothing has worked so far. So I decided not to compete this season and to focus 100% on healing. Fortunately, there is nothing bad, the back pain is mainly caused by a few muscle deficits and rotations in the upper body. But everything can be solved through functional training and a lot of physiotherapy. It wasn’t an easy decision and I really missed cross-country skiing. However, health comes first and I am already looking forward to the next season. Now the focus is on healing and building up muscle for support. The good news is that I already feel some progress and I’ve already done some Rollski- Trainings again on the treadmill. It just needs its time…
Love Femke

Junior Worldchampionships Oberwiesenthal

02.03.2020 – 09.03.2020

My season highlight were the junior worldchampionships in Oberwiesenthal. At the beginning of the season I set myself a goal: to reach the top 3 at the JWCS. I trained the whole season with full focus on this event. Of course also on the worldcups, but this was the most important to me. On the 2nd of march we travelled with the group to Oberwiesenthal for an exciting week. First we had 2 trainings on the hill before the individual competition started. The first training went really good, but during the second one I did not perform well. My jumps got worse during every training. On the day of the individual competition my trial round wasn’t good either. I got a bit afraid to fail my goal. But luckily I was able to focus on the jumps which I had already shown this season. So my first competition round was good again. During the second jump I just tried to enjoy, and when I landed, I knew that I had won the competition. An incredible feeling. It was also a bit a relief, when I am honest. My family was also there to support me. It was honestly beautiful and emotional to share a moment like this with them. They support me since I have started the sport. They are a part of the journey.

The next event was the team competitions ladies. We had no idea, where we would end, because many nations had a really strong team. So it was an exciting day for us. In the first round my teammates showed amazing jumps, where we took the lead with a big head start. Also in the second round team Austria was extremely strong, so we won. Again a crazy moment. My second gold medal! It was so great to share something like this with my teammates.

On sunday the last event took place, the mixed team competition. Lisa, Marco, Peter and I were part of the team. Again a tight race with other nations. It was so exciting, because the difference was just about 1 point. In the end we could win the tight race with norway. Which means my 3rd gold medal, the second for Lisa and Peter and the first for Marco.

This week was just crazy. It was my season goal and to drive home with 3 gold medals is unbelievable. I am so thankful for the support, especially my coaches, my family, my sponsors, and and and… Without them this all wouldn’t be possible.

Here are some impressions of the last week. Enjoy!

Love Sara Marita


Oberstdorf Worldcup 31.01-02.02.2020

After taking a little rest for my shins, I took part at the Worldcup in Oberstdorf again. First I had some little troubles with my technique, but I could manage to show the better jumps during the qualification and first competition. So again a top 6 result 🙂 On the second day I had a really good second jump, 137 metres, which lead me from place 7 to the 3rd place. I am happy, that I could improve and I am outstandingly satisfied with another podium this season. The next competition will be in Austria in Hinzenbach, where I am already really excited for.

Love Sara Marita


On the 8th of January we travelled to Sapporo. It was the first time for me to travel so long, and it was also the first time to travel to Japan. The travel took about 24 hours. When we arrived in Sapporo everything was extremely unusual. The culture is truly different. But in a good way! The people are very kind and disciplined. Unfortunately the Jetlag and I were not really friends. 😉

Through the less snow, the first trainingday was postponed to the next day, which means that we had 5 jumps on the first competition-day. When I saw the hill, I had a good feeling immediatly. The trainingjumps went really good, so I took that feeling into the competition. And after an amazing qualification jump, I also managed a good jump in the first round. Before the second jump, I was pretty nervous, but I focused on my jumping and just tried to enjoy the feeling to jump as last. And it turned out in a good way. I won my first worldcup 🙂 . It`s one of the goals, you work really hard for, so it is a great reward. The second day was also an amazing one for Austria. Congrats!

We travelled on to Zao for the next competitions. It was a small hill and I couldn`t find a great inrun-position. But I am very happy with the results! Even more about the win with the team, it showed us that we jump really good, because we could win with an enourmous head start.

After such a long travel I am glad to come home. Unfortunately my shinpain got really bad this 2 weeks, so I will skip the next worldcup to take a rest and get rid of the inflammation. But however the japan journey was incredible for the Austrian Team. Thanks for the great memories and experiences!

Love Sara

Youth Olymic Games Lausanne 2020

I managed to qualify for Yog 2020 in Lausanne. The winter games took place from 9-22 January. It was an incredibly cool experience to be there. The mood was fantastic, there were many children who cheered us on the track. The athletes’ village was beautiful. It was a great honor for me to start at the Olympic Games and I am more than happy with my results. I started two of the four competitions and became 8th and 29th. I will never forget the incredible time there.
Love Femke!

Lausanne Sprint | Rang 29th
Olympic Village Lausanne (Vortex)
Happy me after Individual race
Opening Ceremony
Olympic Village (Vortex)

Worldcup Ladies Lillehammer 01.12 – 09.12.2019

Trainingsweek and first worldcup of the season 2019/20

On the 1st sunday of december we travelled to lillehammer for the first snowjumps and the first competition of the season. Although I hadn’t jumped for 7 weeks, the trainingsjumps were on a good level. Furthermore the conditions of the hills in lillehammer were perfect. And the ambience in norway is just incredible. At the end of the week it was time for the last preparations until the first worldcup of the season 2019/20 started. On friday the 6th of december we had the first qualification for the competition on saturday. I ended up 12th, which was a really great start. On Saturday I could improve and ended up 10th. I finished the weekend with a 9th place. My teammates showed excellent performances. We travelled back home on monday morning. I am really happy about these results, because it were my first top ten results. To summarize the last week: it was a perfect start into the new season.

Love Sara


Continentalcup Stams 21.09.2019 – 22.09.2019

The COC in Stams took place from the 21st to the 22nd. It was the last international competition of the summerseason, which means that it was also the last opportunity to compare and see where I am standing before the winter. The trainingjumps before were on a solid level and gave me confidence for the competition. On the first day I jumped 104,5 meters and could improve at the second jump with 108 metres which lead me to the 2nd place after the great performance of my teammate Eva Pinkelnig, who won her first COC. On the second day it was a very exciting thight fight with Ema Klinec, but in the end she was the one with more points. Congrats! With two wins and two second places this summer I won the overall title of the COC with 360 points. I am very happy and satisfied with the results and excited for the upcoming competitions. Love Sara


Österreichische Meisterschaften 14.09.2019 

Last weekend I started at the austrian championchips in Obertilliach. Although I had a lot of shooting mistakes, I could still reach the first place. I gave everything at the skiroller route and I am very satisfied with my performance. Now I have still some time until winter to improve my shooting performance and and to strengthen my cross-country skills.

Love Femke


Trainingscamp in Antholz 29.07.2019 – 02.08.2019

I have been on Trainingscamp in Antholz from 29.07-02.08. It was an awesome week and i had a lot of fun. The biathlon stadium in Antholz is perfect for training. The skiroller route is not too heavy, but still has several cool runs. The surrounding area is beautiful, surrounded by magnificent mountains and beautiful lakes. The place is perfect for every single training session and it’s nice to train there. I hope that we will have another trainingscamp in Antholz soon!
Love Femke!