On the 8th of January we travelled to Sapporo. It was the first time for me to travel so long, and it was also the first time to travel to Japan. The travel took about 24 hours. When we arrived in Sapporo everything was extremely unusual. The culture is truly different. But in a good way! The people are very kind and disciplined. Unfortunately the Jetlag and I were not really friends. 😉

Through the less snow, the first trainingday was postponed to the next day, which means that we had 5 jumps on the first competition-day. When I saw the hill, I had a good feeling immediatly. The trainingjumps went really good, so I took that feeling into the competition. And after an amazing qualification jump, I also managed a good jump in the first round. Before the second jump, I was pretty nervous, but I focused on my jumping and just tried to enjoy the feeling to jump as last. And it turned out in a good way. I won my first worldcup 🙂 . It`s one of the goals, you work really hard for, so it is a great reward. The second day was also an amazing one for Austria. Congrats!

We travelled on to Zao for the next competitions. It was a small hill and I couldn`t find a great inrun-position. But I am very happy with the results! Even more about the win with the team, it showed us that we jump really good, because we could win with an enourmous head start.

After such a long travel I am glad to come home. Unfortunately my shinpain got really bad this 2 weeks, so I will skip the next worldcup to take a rest and get rid of the inflammation. But however the japan journey was incredible for the Austrian Team. Thanks for the great memories and experiences!

Love Sara

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